Dumpster Service

Pro Waste Services is the areas leader in affordable dumpster service. Providing expertise in the waste removal industry with over 70 years experience. Servicing the NW Pa area as well as surrounding New York and Ohio areas. If you’re in the market for dumpster service, contact us first. You will reach one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members that can help you discuss your project. Determining the right size and what type of dumpster will work for your job.

For residential or commercial use

Quality dumpster service is beneficial for homeowners as well as business owners alike. The do it yourself movement is larger now more than ever. As homeowners, we are tackling remodeling and other projects on our own. Saving money is always a number one priority. Pro Waste Services offers many roll-off dumpster rentals to fit any budget or project.

Commercial business owners also can benefit from Pro Waste Services. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance you see construction work sometime during your day. What are the containers you see on the job site? It’s probably a safe bet that they are orange Pro Waste containers. We’ve been a trusted choice for many contractors throughout the years and have gained a valuable partnership with many.

We have any size container you need!

Different jobs require different containers. Well, you’re in luck friends, we have the solution for any project. From 8 yards to 40 yards, Pro Waste Services has the container for you.  We’ve also added concrete wash-out containers.  Pro Waste Services Inc. now offers a heavy duty constructed roll off container with a sealed tailgate for all of your concrete jobs. This container has the capacity of up to 8 cubic yards of concrete. If need drained, the Pro-Vac for liquid is available. No matter what the need or what the project, Pro Waste is the dumpster service people count on.