Commercial containers at Pro Waste

Any business from a large corporation to a small family owned has one thing in common, garbage. Renting commercial containers could be a cost effective way of handling any waste removal needs your company may have. So if your company is interested or has questions, Contact Pro Waste Services. Pro Waste Services is here for all your waste removal and recycling needs. With over 70 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any questions you may have.

Front and Rear Loaders

Pro Waste Services offers many different sizes of front and rear loading containers to choose from. Front and rear load dumpsters are often used for a multitude of residential or commercial purposes. These dumpsters are helpful when there is too much waste to be placed in a trash can for curbside pickup yet not enough to need a larger roll-off dumpster.  Mostly they are used by small businesses and serviced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Neither dumpster is meant to be used for a one time occasion, but instead is intended for regular use. Front load dumpsters have a top that slants upwards so that trash can be dropped in over the lid at the lowest point, and the lid’s hinge is at the highest. Rear load dumpsters are the exact opposite and have a slanted back, making them ideal for fitting them into narrow spaces.

Roll off Dumpsters

Roll off dumpsters are a great alternative if you’re in the field of construction, landscaping or other outdoor labor position. Usually these jobs tend to create a lot of waste or debris from shingles, siding, wood, concrete, etc. One of the best and most cost effective ways to quickly get rid of large amounts of waste is by simply renting a roll off dumpster from a trustworthy company such as Pro Waste Services. It is by far the best way to tackle big piles of trash that these jobs always will produce. Once you insert the waste into the roll off dumpster, all you do is contact us, and we will come to remove the dumpster and trash for you. With many sizes to choose from, we are sure to have the right size for any job that you may have.

Pro Waste services truly has any container for any job. So give us a call today at 814-455-5119 or visit our website to see what we have to offer.